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Milpex s.r.o., registered office in Piletice 55, Hradec Kralove, represented by its Company Secretary, Mr. Milos Pulpan, company registration number: 48 17 26 00, VAT registration number: CZ48172600, registered in the Companies Register held at the Regional Court in Hradec Kralove, Section C, Insert 3852.


For the sale of goods ordered over internet or through these internet pages ("internet sales") The Customer shall read the Terms and Conditions prior to starting the internet sale transaction with the Supplier.

1. By submitting the internet sale order, the Customer explicitly acknowledges the purchase agreement and these Terms and Conditions. By submitting the order, he confirms that he agrees with the internet purchase in line with these Terms and Conditions. The Customer acknowledges that for larger orders or in the event of greater shipping costs, the Customer shall receive a written agreement or the authenticity of the order may be checked in another appropriate manner.

2. Each visitor to the internet shop, each party, customer as well as the supplier are responsible for their own expenses associated with use of the internet for the transaction in accordance with these T&C.

3. The goods in accordance with these T&C shall be ordered by submitting an order form with identification of the items as shown on the Supplier's internet pages. The ordered goods shall be specified by using their description and the product code. The Customer shall state the quantity ordered. The Supplier may ignore incomplete or otherwise incorrect orders; he shall inform the Customer about this by email. Each order must contain the Customer's registered office or home address. If the Customer does not fill in a delivery address different from the home/registered office address, the goods shall be delivered to the Customer's home/registered office. The order can be amended only up to the point of submission.

4. If the goods are in stock, they will be sent out immediately, otherwise they shall be sent out within 35 days of the order. Should the goods not be delivered within this time limit, the Customer is entitled to cancel the order, however, this can be done at the latest on the day before the delivery date. Unless the Customer cancels the order in writing, the later delivery date is considered to be accepted. Both the delivery and the delivery note shall be sent to the Customer's registered office. If the Customer accepts goods sent out before delivery of the cancellation of the order despite the cancellation, this amounts to cancellation of the order being cancelled. The goods are then considered to be delivered in accordance with the original order.

5. The Customer is bound by the details stated in the order up to the point of delivery of the goods or until the order is rejected by the Supplier. The Supplier can cancel the order up to 10 days after its receipt if it cannot be fulfilled for production reasons, later only on condition that the goods are not delivered to the Supplier. Such a notice shall be delivered to the Customer to the email address provided by the Customer or in a hard copy to the delivery address.

6. The price listed in the online catalogue is binding for the whole duration of its publication in the e-shop; any changes shall also be published in the e-shop. Deliveries will be at the price published at the time of submission of the order by the Customer.

7. If the order is not confirmed by the Supplier, the agreement is accepted upon delivery of the goods. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, each individual confirmed order or each delivery of goods gives rise to a separate purchase agreement.

8. The goods will be delivered via delivery services or via the Supplier's agents. In addition to the published price, the Customer shall also pay shipping and postage in the value published at the time of the order (and depending on the type of payment). The Customer may also agree to collect the goods directly from the Supplier.

9. The ownership of the goods and risk for any accidental damage are transferred to the Customer once the goods are accepted by him/her.

10. Payment and shipping.
You select the payment type at the end of the order. Our e-shop supports the following types of payment:
Payment on delivery - you pay when accepting the parcel from the postal services, post office or PPL courier.
Bank transfer - as soon as you submit the order, you will receive an email with the total amount, account number and sort code for the payment. We shall dispatch the parcel as soon as we receive the payment.

11. The Customer may cancel the purchase agreement without stating his/her reasons, however, this must be done in writing and within 15 days of delivery of the goods. Should this happen, the customer shall return the unused goods in the original packaging within 15 days of receipt. The notice shall be sent in writing to the Supplier's registered office. Any returned articles must be well packaged, we would recommend insuring the return parcel and the risk for damage and loss transfers to the Supplier only at the point of delivery at the registered office. The goods cannot be returned with a payment on delivery. The Supplier shall return the price paid for any properly returned goods within 15 days of return. When calculating the refund, the Supplier is entitled to deduct his actual costs. Following previous agreement with the Supplier, the goods can be exchanged, however, this shall be done within 15 days of delivery.

12. The Customer has the right to cancel the agreement due to faults of goods, however, he must use this right without undue delay and at latest within 3 working days of discovering any faults. Within this limit, the goods shall be posted to the Supplier's office with a full description and details of the faults leading to the cancellation. The notice with the description of the fault shall also contain the Customer's choice of replacement/refund. In accordance with the law, all products are guaranteed for 24 months. In order to use the guarantee, the goods must be fully paid for, otherwise the guarantee is invalidated. The Supplier shall review any guarantee returns in accordance with the usual procedures. The guarantee period shall be extended by the period during which the Supplier considered the guarantee, including the shipping period. Should the guarantee claim be considered justified, the Supplier shall without undue delay, but in any case within 30 days of the claim, exchange the goods or provide a refund. The Supplier shall initially respond to the Customer with a report about his claim within ten working days of the initial claim.

13. The goods must not be used contrary to their usual use, they must not come into contact with chemicals or chemically aggressive items or sharp or rough objects that could damage the surface of the fabric. The textiles must be washed and maintained in accordance with the care symbols on the product, they must be kept out of direct sunlight.

14. The Supplier does not offer any services subsequent to the sale of the goods, it does not provide transport, alterations or changes of the delivered goods or similar products.

15. Any processing of the Customer's personal data shall be governed by Act No. 101/2000 Coll., Data Protection Act, as subsequently amended, and other regulations of the Czech Republic. By entering his/her details, the Customer acknowledges that he is aware of the above and he agrees to further processing of his/her personal data by the Supplier. Provision of personal data is voluntary, you have the right to access you data and you are entitled to protection in accordance with the relevant act. You may withdraw this consent at any point in writing or electronically. The Supplier maintains internet pages and he is also a Data Handler in line with the Data Protection Act. These pages contain valid identification data of an e-shop provider and an up-to-date list of contacts. MILPEX s.r.o. is registered in the Register of Data Controllers held at the Office for Data Protection, reference 00035314, registration date 7.9.2009. The Customer has the right to correct or change personal data in accordance with the options of the internet pages; if cancelling the entry or changing his contact e-mail, he shall contact the Supplier's technical support on

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